TEXTSPLIT combined with BYROW returns an unexpected result when using an array of strings as input

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I have the following formula:



=LET(input, {"a,b;c,d;" ; "e,f;g,h;"}, 
  BYROW(input, LAMBDA(item, TEXTJOIN(";",,TEXTSPLIT(item,",",";", TRUE)))))




expecting the get the input back but without the last semi-colon. Instead, I am getting the following array: {a;e}. If I replace BYROW with MAP, it works. Similarly if I use a range for input it works with BYROW. 


I think it is a possible bug, if so, was it reported, and where I can track the process of the solution?





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Perhaps this https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/excel/byrow-function-produces-two-different-results-depending... discussion helps.


BYROW() passes to lambda item as an array from one element, and MAP() - value. If you use @item in BYROW it shall work, didn't test.