Textjoin not available in Home office 2021 excel for mac

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I just upgraded to Home Office and Student 2021 for Mac.  TEXTJOIN does not appear to be included though everything I can find says it should.   Typing in =textjoin does not bring up the operator cues and when I go into formula builder it does not show up.  Am I going nutz or just miss something?

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Hi @AZ_Broker


I would like to know the version of you mac ? are you using M1 machine ?

Have you tried uninstalling the application & tried installing it again. May be that should work for you. 


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I am using a Mid 2014 MBP i7 chip. I have updated to make sure OSX is updated and then uninstalled and reinstalled. The formula does not still seem to exist. Is there a library file stored elsewhere that might not be getting updated (renewed) when installing or reinstalling?