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I am new to this community and I don't even know if it's possible, but I would like a textjoin if formula for my work spreadsheets.

On sheet A, I have column A with names, B and C with numbers.

I would like to bring Column A names in a cell (textjoin) of those with their Column B numbers bigger than their Column C numbers besides them on sheet B. Is this possible?

Thank you so much!

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@eechols Let's say the names and numbers are in A1:C5, then this formula will do just that:


..... provided I understood correctly




And what is on Sheet B?

I am making a summary sheet on Sheet B. Sheet A has all the actual data. Somehow =TEXTJOIN(",",,FILTER(A1:A5,B1:B5>C1:C5)) gave me an error message of invalid function.


Most probably you don't have FILTER. On which Excel version / platform you are?


As variant

=TEXTJOIN( ", ", ,IF( B1:B5 > C1:C5, A1:A5, "" ) )

If not Excel 365 or 2021 it shall be entered as array one with Ctrl+Shift+Enter

looks like mine is 365 business with version 15.0.5459.1000
Filter won't work?
I tried this; =textjoin(",",,IF(June!G5:G72>June!F5:F72,June!C5:C72,"")) but the error is #NAME?


Is that Mac or Windows? Build number looks quite old.


Hard to say without the file. You may use curvy quotes instead of "normal" ones, whatever.


Try to open attached file if formula works in your environment.

@Sergei Baklan 

working, I think. Looking like this.



Windows. Is this old??




Actually, when I hit enter for the textjoin cell, it gave me an #NAME error. So I think this software is too old...too bad.
Do I have any ways to have the same result without using filter or textjoin? I don't have to have them all in one cell like textjoin but they can be a list in a column.
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See if the attached demo does what you want. It should work in all versions of Excel.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It finally worked! But thank you everyone for all the help!!!


I see, TEXTJOIN() is not available in your version of Excel. Why don't to upgrade?