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I am noticing that when there are negative numbers, the text to speech ignores the negative and only gives me the number. Is there some setting for this that I need to adjust?

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In german language the speech is correct.
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How are the negative values displayed in the cell as
With minus -100 or
With brackets (100).
If with brackets, try to change the format to display with -

@German_Chris Thank you so much for your reply. Yes, I always have them in brackets. But good to know for the T to S, I will have to change it. It works now. Thank you again!

Glad to help. Maybe you can Mark Mx answer as solution.
Hope best response is what you meant. I have done that and thank you!

@Sudhaji check the string you're sending to the speech module.  I had the same problem with the minus sign until I realized that I hadn't isolated the number value from the text that comes before it, as shown in this example:

Application.Speech.Speak ("The number is" & intVariable)


Adding a space allowed the speech module to recognize the sign:

Application.Speech.Speak ("The number is " & intVariable) 

A quick test showed that VBA just works with the base value of the cell and can't see the cell formatting.  Specifically, writing the cell value to the debug window with debug.print() gives a standard negative number regardless of cell format.  The vocal output was also just the base value.