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I have a scenario say I am receiving a file say at date time "2022-12-15", I start processing the file at date time "2022-12-15" and it takes time "00 00:00:00.105" to process the file. 


I am getting several records in such format in excel. My requirement is that I want to sum up and subtract date time in excel.

"2022-12-15" + "00 00:00:00.105" - "2022-12-15"


Excel is not considering it as Date Time, and I am unable to perform Addition and Subtraction on it. I tried several ways to convert data in to Date time format, but it is considering it as a text.


Could someone please suggest how can I do this.


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Let's say you have such a value in A2.

Try the following formula in another cell to convert it:


If it works, the result will look like a number. Format the cell with the formula as date and time.

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@Hans Vogelaar 


Thanks a lot Hans for your Help and Support. It is working.


Could you please also let me know how to convert "00 00:00:00.105" to time format so that I can add it to "2022-12-15" so that output is something like  "2022-12-15"


With a time string in A3, use




You can add this to the converted date/time.

Once again Thanks a lot Hans for your help and support. Greatly Appreciated.