Text to columns help


Hi guys, lets imagine I have a cell A1 with the following data in: 


31-Jul-2019 09:00:00 -999.25 -999.25 -999.25 -999.25 -999.25 -999.25 -999.25 2.284 0.810 0.067 -999.25 -999.25 -999.25 -999.25 -999.25 -999.25 -999.25


I understand that I can use text to columns to split this data up into 19 columns as supposed to just 1.

My issue is that it automatically splits up 31-Jul-2019 & 09:00:00. Is there anyway that I can keep these 2 together in cell A1 and then split up the following 17 entries? 


Thanks so much!

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@Rory123908 Well, first split everything using space as the delimiter. Then merge the two first columns together with, for example:

=A1&" "&B1


That would be the easiest. If you have a very large file, though, consider Power Query. Than you can split but indicate that you want to skip the first delimiter.

Thats very helpful, thanks again @Riny_van_Eekelen ! I didnt realise you could merge cells but having a look into this now, thanks!