Text scales different when zooming

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I need to make straight lines across multiple cells to end at a specific point, so i found a line to paste as a text item in a coell. All works fine except when im zooming. Everytime the line has a different end.


The problem also excist when using simple text letters


left 175% vs. 195% right


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Change the column width or row height in Excel

Please keep in mind that the cells depend on the column width/height and line length/height.

This means that in the same column, if A1 is longer than A2, A2 will be the same length.

The only trick you can use is to work with merged cells, but this could lead to other problems, such as with tables.


Attached is a VBA example.

The macro adjusts all rows and columns in the active spreadsheet to the optimal height and width.
Cells without content are not changed by the macro, the default height and width remain active.

Sub SetColumnsRows()
With ActiveSheet.UsedRange
End With
end sub


Hope I could help you with these information.



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thank you for your help, this is also a nice feature, which could help me in future.

My deal was to make a cell that's maybe 3cm in lenght and filled with ━ so the lines fit the lenght of the cell, because the line needs to be about 3cm long when i print the file.


My Problem is, that the line on the print don't match with the line shown in excel. And i barly found out how to scale the sheet to match with the print.


However, i managed to change my design and i no longer reliant on the line.


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