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Hello, I need to separate a text into columns.
For example, the text looks like this: IT00584002150
I need to get IT in one column and the number 00584002150 in the next column.
Unfortunately, when I use Text in columns, the first zeroes are omitted and the result is 584002150.
I have tried putting the format in text but nothing has changed.
Thank you



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@charly365 In Step 3 of 3 you can data type the second column as Text. That should fix it.

@Riny_van_Eekelen I just tried but the result of the text in columns is column C and D and selecting the text format does not solve the problem (the number remains without the zeros).

@charly365 Then you must be something wrong. Another option is to use the the MID function for each of the parts of the string you want to separate.