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I have a cell with a large amount of text in it for commercial use. I cannot see the entire text uin the cell until I click F2. How do I make all the text appear in the cell such that once I publish to a PDF, the entire cell's content will show?

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If the cell text isn't being shown then the cell size is probably not large enough to show it. Here are a few tips:
a) change the height & width of the cell (note: make sure 'text wrapping' is turned on if you want to see multiple lines
b) change the cell font size
c) if you do not have any information in the cells to the right of the cell (or left if right justified or both direction if center justified) then you can set text wrapping off and allow the text to 'spill' over into the empty cells but it will get 'truncated' as soon as it reaches any non-blank cell
d) you can choose 'shrink to fit' in the cell formatting but I don't usually recommend that.