Text entry based on differences in values

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I am trying to automate some things in my finance class. I am doing a Differential Analysis and instead of typing text in manually (Manual Entry) I have been trying to use a formula (Automatic) but its not working out too well for me. If one of the Option values is higher or lower I need it to populate with Higher or Lower based on the values in a column.


I tried a few other things but the closest the formula I found was =IF(F28>H28, "Higher", "Lower") but it is not producing the correct results. Does anyone got a million-dollar answer? 





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Actually your formula returns the correct results because the "(" and ")" around a value indicate that it's negative.


(2,100,000.00) is lower than (1,480,000.00) because (2,100,000.00) is -2,100,000.00 and (1,480,000.00) is -1,480,000.00.


The "(" and ")" are a possibility to format negative numbers instead of "-".