test calculated numbers against actual numbers for TRUE

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I wrote a simple formula to seek whether a deposited amount (an actual number entered by keyboard into a cell) was equal to a calculated number, as in this formula, written in cell H9: = IF(C4+B7=J9, 1,2).  However, when I entered the actual number from my keyboard into cell J9, I received a 2 (which means the equality is false), even though the number I typed in was exactly the same as the sum of C4 and B7.  Same numbers and same formatting.  Why can I not get a TRUE evaluation in this simple situation?

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@mskulicz999matthew57 Probably a rounding issue. Display the numbers concerned (i.e. J9 and C4+B7) with 15 decimals and see if they are the same all the way through. If not, try using