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I'm using the template Employee absence schedule but I can't add more than 5 employees. 

I can add them in the sheet 'names' but i can't select them in the months... Am I missing something? 

I can only select the first 5 names... 


I am new to this so I appreciate all insights! 

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Hi @LIeselotte_R131 


They have used data validation in creating the items you can select in the months tabs. In order to select any new employee added on the names tab, you have to update the source on the data validation to pick all the new cells added. See below:



To do this, go to Data, select data validation under Data tools group


I have attached an updated workbook for you.


Do let me know if this works,



This was very helpful @wumolad & @LIeselotte_R131 

How does one enable the drop down selection in B17 if you have more than 10 Employees?
When tabbing through to the end of template it creates a new row but doesn't seem to enable the drop down employee list. Therefore, not related to Data Validation function.

@wumolad Can you please send me an updated on with about 80 employees? May not need all 80 but staff changes all the time and I manage the COVID Testing sites in CA so want to be able to track everything easier than pen and paper. 

how to add more Absence Type Key?