Target Line on Charts

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How do you insert a target line into charts?

I have created the chart but want it to show the target line for monthly sales achieved.

The chart has the monthly totals as per below but I want a horizontal target line for better visual effect of targets met.


CEC Service$273,370$157,535$195,843$173,988$235,758$253,360$28,138$162,000$162,000$162,000$162,000$162,000
Support & Training$50,997$7,770$49,996$18,498$64,105$29,732$0$38,000$38,000$38,000$38,000$38,000
LR Service$62,539$118,030$89,281$138,702$182,071$77,315$17,220$182,100$182,100$182,100$182,100$182,100
Total Month$386,906$283,335$335,120$331,188$481,934$360,407$45,358$382,100$382,100$382,100$382,100$382,100
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@PLiscia008  In that attached I copied your data, created a fictitious Target and created a COMBO graph.  You can select your graph and go to Chart Design -> Change Chart Type or start over.  Just for fun I added all the parts so you can see how it all 'stacks up'.  So the parts and 'Target' are all on the primary axis and the Total Month is on the secondary axis which I hid and set the fill and border to 'none' so it isn't on the main graph just on the data table.



@mtarler thanks that helps a heap. Will have a play & see if I can get what I need done.