Taking selected info from one sheet and making a new sheet

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Hi There,

I just want to know if what I am thinking is possible with Excel.

I work in a removals company and we have an excel survey sheet with lots of household items, and, for each customer, we mark off the number of each item. This then works out a volume for pricing.

Is it possible to extract the info we have entered and make a new sheet with that info? This will then be the basis of an inventory list for when we arrive at the property to load?

This will save us having to write out an inventory list and also check that the client hasn't added any items without us knowing.

Hope I have explained clearly enough.

Thanks for your help.

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@MickCox to seek further clarity,

so u have a load of data, pretty detailed.
And u want to summarize the data for each inventory item?


Is my understanding correct?



Thanks for your question.


I really only want to output the data where there is an entry for a quantity of an item,


So while there are lots of items within the survey list, I will only need to make a new sheet with the items chosen on the survey sheet for that particular client.


The only info I will want to output to the new sheet will be the quantity we have entered and the name of the item 


Then the new sheet will also assign an inventory number and have a tick box to confirm that the item has been loaded.

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@MickCox you can use "Pivot Table" under excel for your problem.

You can search it on YouTube, u will find many quick tutorials around it.

For temporary solution, you can share the file and I can help you out.