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I have a full list of product barcodes which we stock from supplier X (approx. 350)

Is there a way to take data from supplier X’s full product spreadsheet (1600 items) and only show the data related to the barcodes I supply?


Including all rows which feature the barcode 

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@ginochambers There are a couple of formulas you could try involving the FILTER function, if it's available in your version of Excel. Use either the COUNTIF method or the ISNUMBER/XMATCH method shown below, to filter by a list of SKU values:


=FILTER(table, COUNTIF(sku_list, sku_range))
=FILTER(table, ISNUMBER(XMATCH(sku_range, sku_list)))


Also, if your master table includes multiple product lists by supplier in the same table, include additional criteria to filter by supplier:


=FILTER(table, (supplier_range="Supplier Name")*COUNTIF(sku_list, sku_range))
=FILTER(table, (supplier_range="Supplier Name")*ISNUMBER(XMATCH(sku_range, sku_list)))


For a demonstration of the ISNUMBER/XMATCH method, check out Mike Girvin's Excel FILTER Function to Extract Records Based on Items in a List video on his YouTube channel.