Tabs Titles to incorporate into worksheet

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I would like to have my tab in excel show up on a title inside the Excel page


Can I refer to it so it automatically shows when I create the tab.?

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Is this for use in the process of printing? If so, there's a way to do that in Page...Setup, in the header or footer. If that's not it, come back with a more complete explanation, and maybe even a sample worksheet. But give the bigger context for the request.


No it is actually for the purpose of Identifying the Worksheets for my R & D so that my  worksheets carry the same title as the project and therefor the  tabs.


I usually have 8 to 16 different tabs , So I only want to write the title name once ..either in the spreadsheet or on the TAB .





Interesting. I'm not able to find a Function that would do this. I did try SHEET and can think of a way you could use that along with VLOOKUP but it would involve more work (and may not be as reliable) as biting the bullet and, you know, writing it twice.


It's entirely possible that there could be a VBA routine developed, but again, it seems to me (and I'm not a VBA person) like using a bazooka to kill a mosquito.


Let's see what others can come up with.





always fun to learn something new!!


THanks very much- This makes my day..truly.


I will post another question sometime in the coming month-regarding keeping track of the date I added a new worksheet to my excel file- so that I can keep track of when I created each New project.

Have a great rest of week...

@Patrick2788 This formula inserts the ACTIVE sheet name.  So if I have sheets "List1" and "List2" and I type that formula into cell C17 in "List1" it will return List1.  But if I go to sheet "List2" and do some work, it changes cell C17 in "List1" to List2, because "List2" is now the Active Sheet.  I have 10 sheets and I put that formula in each one of them - and each one changes whenever I go to any of the other sheets and do anything that makes the worksheet recalculate.  So if I have "List 1" "List2" "List3" etc. up to "List10" and have that formula in cell C17 of each sheet, they ALL show the name of the Active Sheet.  So for example, if I go to "List5" and add a formula in cell D53, then C17 in ALL TEN of the sheets change to List5.


I want a LIST of all 10 of the sheet names on another of my sheets, (which will reference to the sheet name in each of the "List" sheets) but if I do some work in "List4" then my list becomes:




etc. - instead of what I want, which is:






I need something that keeps the sheet name for THAT sheet, not the sheet name for the Active Sheet.  And I need my list to change when I change any of the sheet names.


Any ideas?




Please add the reference on any cell in formula, like


@Sergei Baklan  - EXCELLENT!! This is the final fix that I needed.  Thanks so much!


@GADarrah , you are welcome