Tabs disappeared after saving and going back into a document - not showing in version history

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Hi all, 


I'm not sure what has happened. I was working in an excel spreadsheet that had multiple tabs within it and was saving as I was going along. I came out of it and then needed to go back into the spreadsheet a few hours later and when I have reopened only the first tab is showing and the others aren't. They are also not showing in version history and aren't hidden. Does anyone know why this has happened and how I can get them back?





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Right-click on the single tab and select Unhide Sheet..

If you didn't see any unhide sheets, maybe someone deleted the sheets when you're away or probably you didnt save the workbook

@Abiola1  i had accidentally saved it as a csv and not xsl so didnt save the other tabs - luckily I have Dropbox and recovered multiple version history's 



Alright... Good you have it saved in your Dropbox.


I have the same issue.  There are no hidden tabs.  This has happened on two different days and only after the last update to MSWorks.  Also, the original tab has been renamed to the name I gave the workbook.  So much for making work easier and faster.


I have the same exact problem and I can't find an answer for it. I had five tabs all completed and literally hit the save button closed. It renamed it opened it up and they were gone. I need help