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After a table is created there is a little indicator in the bottom right of the table that enables the table to be resized.  It appears that if the table is resized, lets say smaller virtically that the this also reduces the data that can be searched rather than simply reducing the size of the table window that is visible.


I would like to be able to have four tables in a sheet, laid out so that 1 is next to 2 and 3 is below 1 and 4 is below 2, so all four tables are visible on a standard monior screen. (What is a standard screen size ?)  Then when you wish to view data it is simply a matter or scrolling up or down to view the data that meets search criteria that does not fit in the display window size.  A good example is word document that has too many lines of text to displayed on screen, simply press the down (or up) arrow to view the data that is outside of the window size.


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