Table on a Excel file on the cloud does not update properly

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I have 5 Forms on OneDrive, with their respective Excel files. 


The last columns of every Excel file have formulas and the table has format, so every time someone answers the form a new line is created and the formulas must be copied.


This, however, only works on 3 of the 5 Excel files.


This is the layout:


The formula states that, if column BK (Bajas) has "BAJA" as value, then the value on colum BL (Estusuario) will be "Baja". Otherwise, this value will be "Activo".


But the formula is not updating automatically anymore:


I updated the file manually, but the error persists:



It seems like Excel is not recognizing the column Bajas when updating with a new line, but I don't know what is happening.


Can you help me, please?

And please, excuse my bad english. 


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I fixed my issue by deleting my old column and creating a new one with the same formula. This new column adds the formula as intended once a new row is created.

I still don't know why the deleted column stopped to work on the first place.