table missing in computer name has changed excel2013

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cant find table in name manager

ran modify from apps

table name changed when ran vba , which has worked over year

table1_1 is new name from table design

s/b GroceryList when try to add new says it exists

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Hi @Don Bleeker 


Make sure that you are not using the filter option in the name manager window.

You could try to check the name from the Name Box, see the photo attached


Name box.png

No , the vba code did not continue. Went I opened code the error was "can't locate or recognize "? table [ something like that]. I went to table design to, where you can resize table, the name shown was different.
I went to name manager opened new name and renamed it back to original name, and it worked! Took chance because could've screw it up. Thank You for your help