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Did the built in table formatting get removed from Excel? i am looking where it used to be on the ribbon and I no longer have options to choose a table format. The only 2 options are  New Table Style or New Pivot Table Style. Running Version 2102 build 13801.20266 click to run on Windows 10. Trying to decide if I need to reinstall or if this is by design.

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@tonykaz It's on the Home ribbon. Otherwise, just press Ctrl-T.

As you can or can't see in the screen shot in my post (I can't screen shot it with the menu deployed) choosing the format as table option on the home tab of the ribbon no longer has preset formats where it used to.
I have no idea what you are showing me. That has nothing to do with built in table formatting.

@tonykaz I'm guessing this is what you want to see:



obviously I still have it.  I'm still in Version 2101


It depends on what do you mean.

"Format as Table" icon was added in Excel 2007 to convert the range into the structured table. It is deprecated and in modern Excel for this purposes is the icon Table in the Insert tab of the ribbon. Same could be done by Ctrl+T in desktop version or Ctrl+L both in Excel Online and Excel Desktop.


If apply formatting / style to the table, that is "Table Design" tab which appears on ribbon if you stay on the cell within already created table.

2102 as stated in my original post
That is what I am missing
Hmmm. Well the Format as Table icon is on my home ribbon but the old fly away menu that I would see when clicking on Format as Table is missing. That menu had a bunch of formatting options in light medium and dark colors
I did a repair Office 365 from control panel and now my menu is back. The one you posted is what I was missing. It had disappeared completely. Now it works as normal. Thank you for letting me know it hasn't been deprecated or something. May I ask how you took the screen shot? I can't seem to get the snipper to launch in order to capture a menu like that.
In windows 10 there is built in game controls (windows key - G) and part of that is a snip control (I don't recall if I had to turn on an option in that game controls panel) but I use Windows Key - Shift - S and it let's me do a screen snip (i.e. the screen freezes and let's me select an area to copy).