Table can't upload new data

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Hi everyone,

I have two tables linked to each other. The first table has two columns with a generic and a specific description of income and expenses. The second table is a overview of all those incomes and expenses. I can edit this second table to add more data, but I can't do this for the first table. Every time I add manually a row, and I hit refresh, this row disappears again. 

In Table Design, I changed the Properties, I Unlinked the connection, I closed Excel and even shutdown my laptop, but without success: somehow, I am not allowed to make a change to the table. 

What setting do I have to change or what am I missing? I hope someone could help me with this. 

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Have you tried deleting the connection altogether?
Thanks for your reply @Jan Karel Pieterse. I did, and that does allow to add a new row. But after the connection is restored, the issue emerges again. Since I frequently update this table, it is not a valid solution for me.
As you have discovered, you cannot manually add rows to a connected table. You should be adding the records to the source which the table pulls its data from.