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I have been trying to find a way to return a name when a row of data contains a "(".

Have been succesful when I only have one column of data, in this example, column C.  Once I move beyond this, I can't resolve.  The attached shows what I want returned, after a search of the Data set has been performed.


Can this be done in Excel?

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In relation to my initial post, please see the attached where I have been able to return a vlaue under the 'Name' column for rows that contained a "(".  The blue column tests for a "(" in the yellow data set area.  The green column performs the lookup to return a "Name" label for cells that contained a "(".


How do I extend this to perform search across multiple columns as per my original post?



I'd create helper column first




and after that in J2 and down


similar next column.


Same could be done with Power Query (first sheet in attached)

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