tab key doesn't type tab character in code editor

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i'm writing scripts in the automate tab. when i'm in the code editor and press the tab key, it does not type a tab character, nor does it properly autocomplete the suggestion. Instead, it switches focus to the "Insert action" button. Subsequent tab presses switch focus to other elements of the GUI until the focus ends up on a cell and then just keeps moving over to the right.


I used to be able to type tabs and select autocompletes with the tab button. Then, this behavior seemed to appear after the first time I used the "insert action" button to record something. I can't find any setting to change back to the original behavior. quitting excel or restarting doesn't fix it. It's so frustrating.


Using excel for Mac.

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Afraid that's nothing to do with that. Such behaviour appeared on Current channel on Windows as well. Moreover, Edit Code icon disappeared on the initial screen of Code editor.

However, on Beta channel behaviour as it was before. Hope will be fixed one day.

today, it has magically returned to the expected behavior. guess the right person saw this post:xd:


Yes, tab works as expected. However, Edit Code button still disappeared.