Switching 500% to 100% in Excel?

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I have an equation as follows:

I have 5 daily tasks, which I would like to complete, and Excel will convert them to 100%.

I do not have enough knowledge to deal with it, yet the result appears to me 500%????!

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What's the equation (by which I assume you mean formula) that you have? Any way you could take a picture of the spreadsheet as well as share the formula you've written that is producing that "500%" result?

5 daily tasks. At the end of the day on completion it gives me the total of the tasks completed and the level of achievement %, whether one task or all five. I would like to address Excel: to convert any number of the total tasks performed into a percentage. If 5 = 100%, if 4 = 80%, if 3 = 60%, if 2 = 40%, if 1 = 20%, if 0="" and so on.
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Let's say that F2 contains the number of completed tasks (0 ... 5).

In the cell next to it, enter the formula =F2/5 and format this cell as a percentage.

This can be filled down.

Thank you. Thanks Microsoft community.