Swimming results and cool charts!

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Im a proud Dad but not great with Excel.  My boy just started swimming, he's 5 and apparently he's a little rocket.


I have captured his recent two swimming meets into Excel, but would really love some tips on visuals and modeling so that i can keep adding to it as he progresses.


I have attached the source data in XLSX.  The [data] column is how i receive it from the competition organisers, and then i have used "Flash Fill" to expand it out to the other columns, as well as added other relevant columns, like the date and swimming style etc.


How can i start to make some pretty graphs with this data?


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I would select the entire spreadsheet and select Insert-Pivot Table from your Excel menu up top. Then, I would review this one Microsoft Excel Support link to get you started about how to visualize data in Excel with a pivot table -- you can create pivot charts easy: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/create-a-pivottable-to-analyze-worksheet-data-a9a84538-bf...