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je voudrais savoir comment automatiser le surlignage de cellules dans un tableau

 j'ai 8 colonnes, je voudrais que les cellules soit surligner quand je saisi la date d'arrivage dans la dernière colonnes.

je vous remercie d'avance pour votre aide



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@bernard40 That's done with Conditional Formatting. Added an example in the first sheet "Janvier". The entire table row gets highlighted when something is entered in column I. 

You can use conditional formatting my friend.
1. Select entire first row
2. Home -> Conditional Formatting ->
3. Choose New Rule -> Use a formula to determine which cells to format.
4. Enter the formula as below. I use DAY formula to determine whether an corresponding arrival date is blank or not. Be mindful to only lock the Column, not the Row (Press F4 after you enter the Cell until you get the same result as below)
5. Choose a Format and press Ok. If you do this correctly you will see your row light up if it has arrival date.
6. Select the first row, point your mouse to the below right corner and drag all the way down, but choose to copy formatting only in the auto fill box.





je vous remercie pour votre aide


As a cosmetic comment, I'd simplify conditional formatting rule formula to