sumproduct #value error

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Even though I ignore null values, I get #value error.
Can you help me with the cause or solution?




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First, the formula can be shortened:



And second, the cells O18:R18 contain text. And Excel can't perform subtraction on text.


@Detlef Lewin 


Hello, I'm getting the same error again.

This time I wrote the entire Formula.


TOPLA.ÇARPIM( ( İLKEŞLEŞEN(SOLDAN($O$12:$V$12;3);"QoQ";$B$4;"YoY";$A$4)<(O13:V13-{0\0,1\0,2\0,3\0,4\0,5\0,6\0,7\0,8\0,9}))*(O13:V13<>""))- 
TOPLA.ÇARPIM( ( İLKEŞLEŞEN(SOLDAN($O$12:$V$12;3);"QoQ";$B$4;"YoY";$A$4)>(O13:V13+{0\0,1\0,2\0,3\0,4\0,5\0,6\0,7\0,8\0,9}))*(O13:V13<>""))



Well, that is because you still have text in O18:R18. Remove it!

@Detlef Lewin 
I realized I made a mistake. This makes you think that this job is static.
I don't compare it to zero.
and there is actually a formula in every cell. There are structures that vary depending on the situation.




You had an apostrophe in every cell in the range O18:R18.


If you step through the formula with the formula evaluator, it is made very apparent:



There has to be an apostrophe there.
There is the formula under normal conditions. iferror(x-y)/y;"")
If you replace this formula with iferror((x-y)/y;0) it will be filled with "0" or "-", which is visually impossible.