Sumproduct or sumifs ?

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1) I need to calculate the total incentives employe made in a particular month. Data should be month wise
2) another formula to show the total incentives made by each employe (without using sum formula)

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One option would be a pivot table: add Emp ID to the Rows area, Month to the Columns area and Incentives to the Values area.


If you prefer formulas:

In G3:

=SUMIFS($C$3:$C$10000, $B$3:$B$10000, $F3, $D$3:$D$10000, G$2)

Fill to the right to J3, then down to row 11.


In L3:

=SUMIFS($C$3:$C$10000, $B$3:$B$10000, $F3)

Fill down to L11.

@Hans Vogelaarthank you it worked with formula