SUMPRODUCT issue/support

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Anyone help with this small issue.


I am trying to sum a range of three cells (B2 - D16) but where the Region (A2:A16) does not equal Scotland and Wales.


Appears straight forward but really frustrating  

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@MARKA1966 Use this:







Or perhaps you need to use E2:E16 as the first range, if you want to sum the Total column.


It is straightforward given the correct version of Excel

= SUM(


While I think of it


also works.  The sole purpose of SUMPRODUCT rather than SUM is to get around the implicit intersection step that is used to cripple legacy Excel.

Hi @MARKA1966 


Your column E already SUMs columns B-D. Alternative:

    A2:A16, "<>wales",
    A2:A16, "<>scotland"