Summing up a code from multiple sheets in the same workbook

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Can someone please help me. I want to sum up several tabs into a main consolidated tab for certain codes and my formula that I thought would work, doesn't. I have attached a file to help explain what I want. Any help much appreciated.

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Since the source sheets contain exactly the same codes in exactly the same order, it would seem that you don't need SUMIF. A simple SUM function works.


copied down.


So unless your actual need is not what your example illustrated, you've been making it more complicated than need be.

@mathetes  thank you for your reply however the excel workbook was just an example the proper file I need help with the codes are not in the same order and hence this calculation would not work. Thank you though 


If you have Excel 365, you could stack the sheets and summarize.


For example:

    stack, VSTACK(AllSheets),
    Sum3D, LAMBDA(row, LET(ID, TAKE(stack, , 1), val, TAKE(stack, , -1), SUM(FILTER(val, ID = row, 0)))),
    BYROW(MyIDs, Sum3D)