Summing totals based on part numbers

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I have SKUs (part number) in one column that and sales in another column I need to sum the sales and remove the duplicate SKUs once all the sales figures are totaled. 


Column P is the Item numbers

Column V is the sales


need to sum the sales based on the part numbers

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The easiest way to do that is to create a Pivot Table.

Assuming the Part number is in column A and the Sales in Column B:

  1. Select any single Cell in your list
  2. Click on the Insert Tab and select "Pivot tables"
  3. Accept the Default and Hit Ok >> a new worksheet is created
  4. To the right side there is a Pivot table Field List
  5. Drag The Part Number to the Rows Drop area
  6. Drag the Sales to the Values Drop area

and you are done

You need to apply some formatting specially to the numbers.

Hope that Helps

Nabil Mourad


even if I have thousands of part numbers?


even with hundreds of thousands



If you share sample data I do it for you in 2 minutes

Good Luck

Nabil Mourad