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Hello! I need a wizard..


I'm looking for a specific formula, IF O82 = "x" then cell S82 is added to cell G76


Is this possible? 



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yes. And where do you want that sum to go? If you want G76 to reflect that sum and G76 is something like =SUM(G1:G74) then in G76 use the following: =SUM(G1:G74) + IF(O82="x",S82,0) or slightly smaller version =SUM(G1:G74) + (O82="x")*S82
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It looks like G76 now contains a formula similar to


(The exact range may be different)

Change it to


@Hans Vogelaar That was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I'm going to make it harder for you now...


following suite.... IF O82:O84 have "x" am I able to get Cell U82 and T82 to autopopulate to another tab??




Which cell(s) should be populated on which sheet?

@Hans Vogelaar U82:U84 to reference on the Sales Agreement Sheet in Cells K11:K13 IF O82 has a value of "x"


In K11:

=IF('Other Sheet'!O82="x",'Other Sheet'!U82,"")

Replace Other Sheet with the name of the sheet in your screenshots.

Fill down to K13.