summing a variable number of cells based on a number in another cell

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I have a row of 6 cells and I want to add 1 cell when the number in another cell outside the range is 1, 2 cells when it is 2, 3 cells when it is 3.


assume that the variable is 3, cells 1 contains 10, 2 = 20, 3 = 30, 4 = 40, 5 = 60 and 6 = 30, would like to add cells 1,2,3 for a total of 60.

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If you're using 365, this may work for you:






i am using an older version of excel

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An alternative could be this formula where the variable is in cell H1.


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That got me the correct results and I added the divide worked great, now I want to add 1 additional condition



=If I2>2,SUM(INDEX(J2:Q2,1):INDEX(J2:Q2,R2))/R2,c2


In the above I want to make the sum conditional if i2 is greater than 2 and if not I want to use the value in c2.  I am not an expert and your help is greatly appreciated.  this is for our golf league and calculating our league handicaps!!

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You can try this formula.

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That worked perfectly, I owe you big time, Thanks for all your help