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i can copy text in 1 cel, but how can i make a listing in 1 cel? If i copy then each line will appear in a different cel.. 


- jlhgg

- kjgfjhg


With alt + enter it also doesnt work...


Thank you!

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You need to be a lot clearer in what you're trying to do. And maybe, to be really helpful to those who might be able to help you, attach a copy of the spreadsheet that illustrates your dilemma.
As @mathetes says you should try to be a lot clearer with an example in an actual sheet. But my guess is that you have a cell with multiple lines in it (i.e. using ALT-ENTER) and when you copy that cell to another location it will paste into multiple cells instead of a single cell with multiple lines like the original. 2 things to try would be:
a) select the cell and copy the contents of the cell (e.g. hit F2 then ctrl-a then ctrl-c) then click on the destination and click IN the FORMULA BAR and press paste there
b) select a range (e.g. include a blank cell next to it) and then paste it into the new location. If the original cell next to it wasn't empty then delete the added cell but if you have not space left,right,up,down at the destination then try a) above.