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Hi there!

I'm trying to extract data in a summary file from 12-sheet tables, where each sheet is a month.

The tables I've taken into consideration are from a government GST portal.

The current practice is to create manual links by copying from the required PDF file. However, I converted the PDF file into an Excel file for further processing.

Sample file attached.!AhfNqwYEWYSHg2uQ4jtTyYkrOE6J?e=MuNO37 

Data in separate sheet

MS Office Version 2016

P.S. I would highly appreciate if someone could suggest me whether I can accomplish this task via Power Query Editor


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@a4avinash Oh my goodness! That's not very easy, but if you make sure that the data dump for every month has exactly the same lay-out, you could extract all rows that have amounts in them and create a "somewhat organized" table that should enable you to get the summary you need. See attached file.


Note: I needed to change the lay-out for May as it was not the same is for April. The first two rows where not similar, inserted  row 9 and added a par 6.2 at the bottom. Just check and see what I did.



Thank you, sir Riny_van_Eekelen.

I very much appreciate for giving me your time.
However, I'm afraid that I have reached a dead end to this thread.
Maybe there's not a lot to do about it.
It was my fault; I had converted the PDF to Excel and that, sir, was a cause for all those concerns.

Maybe next time I'll try and figure it out.


Until then...

Bid adieu, monsieur.