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I am trying to do a sumifs for 3 different criteria and having trouble.


Working on Sheet 1 I am trying to sum the total number of 'bins' (column L on Summary Total tab) if the bins are the quantity given in cell L6 of sheet 1 and for customer number (column A of sheet 1) and if the bins are "t" (Summary Total - column k)

I have attached the spreadsheet.

Thanks in advance.


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=SUMIFS('Summary Totals'!$L$19:$L$1894,'Summary Totals'!$K$19:$K$1894,"t",'Summary Totals'!$D$19:$D$1894,L$6,'Summary Totals'!$B$19:$B$1894,$A8)


Maybe with this formula.

@Larry1921 Just to point out the problem in your original formula. You used cursive quotation marks around the t.


Replace them by regular (straight) quotation marks, and the formula shall work as intended, though shortening it in accordance with @Quadruple_Pawn suggestion would be a good idea.


Thanks. Got it working now.
Thanks, got it working now.