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I am trying to insert the criteria argument in "sumifs" using a formula that references a simple formula tied to a value found in another cell.   But the result keeps returning zero (0).


If I use the actual values with the formulas that are in the reference cells - the "sumifs" function works.


Any thoughts/suggestions?


The formula I want to use that DOES NOT work is:



The formula works if I insert the values referenced in Cells CK31 and CL31 and is as follows:



I am hoping to make it work with the cell addresses returning the contained values so I can copy the formula across to other cells in the row and have it adjust to the relative criteria test values.


Any ideas?


My computer is a 2014 MS Windows Surface Pro 3 and my operating system is Windows 10 Pro, Ver 20H2


Thanks very much

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Try it like this...




Thank you - this worked


You're welcome @JFrancoz! Glad it worked as desired.


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