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Good morning 

i am using sumif in spanish with this formula


There are 2 conditions and a range

1.- condition 1: A kind of cost/payment such as: petrol, insurance,transport,energy supplies...

2.-condition 2: a center of cost where is applied. Every cente of cost has a number.

Is there any mistake in the formula

Thank you very much 

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It looks like you do it on 3 different tables, TOTAL, COST and CONT_NUMBER which shall not work. Perhaps you may share sample file or at least screenshot of what you'd like to do.



the photo show a total of registers



What i need to do is to "sumif" following kind of cost and month in another tab to gather all data by these concepts


But the file show "value"

Thank you for answering



Why not base a pivot table on your data source. That would make is easy/quick to do the sums you want.


For such sample


if upper table name is COST formula for January in another TOTAL table could be

    Cost[ [Amount]:[Amount] ],
    Cost[ [Kind of Cost]:[Kind of Cost] ], Total[@[COST]:[COST]],
    Cost[ [Month]:[Month] ], Total[[#Headers],[January]]

Syntaxis as COST[ [Amount]:[Amount] ] is equivalent of absolute reference.

Alternatively you may create PivotTable as @Thomas Kristiansen suggested. It's on top right.


Formulae above are in English, if you open attached in your environment they will be in your locale.

I have another way to solve it
i read in microsoft support page that all table must have the same range. I chose all references for the formula in the same table and works.
i am going to try with this solutions you gave me.
Revert soon with answer
Depply Grateful
Thank you very much