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Team can I get some insights as to the SUMIFS is giving zero value .

Here is an image of the excel I'm working in.



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your formula is wrong. but you didn't include what you used so hard to say what.
you could have dates that are text (even though text looks like a date doesn't mean excel recognizes it as a date)
you could be comparing a year value to a date value (only = if it is 1/1/YYYY)
you could have format errors in the SUMIFS formula
My bad thought it was in the clip.
So in the clip column I looks like company ID while column C looks like the year

@mtarler Below is table I am using to make the SUMIFS.



right. so in your formula from above:
the $J$2:$J$17846 is the range to sum (shrink sales 2020)
and the $I$2:$I$17846 is the range to check if it is the last value in the formula: 2021
so you are only going to sum the values in column J if the values in column I (storenumber) is = 2021
I would think you would want to sum if the value in column C (year) is 2021
that said I also don't know if you really want to sum column J or did you really want column K? I really don't know what the numbers are and what they represent per se so have to assume you know what you want.