SUMIFS function return 0 value


Hi @All,

In DL Phạt sheet ,I have an issue with SUMIFS function, which return 0 value while SUMIF funcion return right value(140)

I have added an image and link of sample file below

Hope for your advising




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@small_village Be aware that the criteria in SUMIFS work as an AND function. All criteria must be met. No number in the sum_range will ever be in a column headed by both values in DV4 and DW4. Hence, zero!


A SUMIF for numbers that are headed by "DV4" plus a SUMIF for numbers headed by "DW4" will give the answer you want to see, though. I suspect that's what you have done.




I have tried to do the same that your mentioned, but It's still not work

I have added a link of the sample file below

Can you make some notes on the formula?



@small_village As said, you can't use SUMIFS in this case in DZ9. You need to use SUMIF the way you have done in DZ5. But perhaps I misunderstand your intentions.