SUMIFS formula help

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I currently use this formula




This will search a worksheet for the number 7508 in a column K and then add all of the costs in Column F if column K returns the correct data. 


We have thousands of codes - up to 8500 so at the moment i work out which codes are in the transactions worksheet and then manually change each formula 


What i want to be able to do is in my work sheet enter the codes into a coloumn and have the formula automatically change do in my above formula i want 7508 to actually be cell reference so i can change what data is in the cell and searched for eg change it to 4011 and have the formula return the total amount of any entries using that code


hope that makes sense!!

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So rather than hardcoding 7508 just type '7508 into cell A1 and change your formula to


Just an extra question - is a Pivot Table not a suitable solution in this scenario?