SUMIFS formula help - multi-criteria settings not correct.

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I have a multi-sheet budget spreadsheet at work.

Screenshot 2022-08-29 152517.png



I am trying to total the spend for each department based on a selection of account codes.i.e:

  • total spend of all "Marketing" codes (yellow) used by 2176

  • total of all "sales" codes (green) used by 2977

etc etc.. and so on for the the boxes.

I have been using a SUMIFS function, but it is not giving back the correct results.

but I get =0 when a manual calculation results in $59

Any help would be appreciated!



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@priddlel You need to wrap SUMIFS() with SUM() function. Try-


Otherwise you can use SUMPRODUCT() like


You can use FILTER() function if you have Microsoft 365. See the attached file.