Sumif problem



I have a problem using Sumif formula, I have a range of data (almost 10000 lines). I have a range of dates and times for my sumrange, and also date and time as a criteria. I wanna find each specific date and time in my sum range and then sum it up according to my sum range. it works well up to some point, however from some point on each cell turns into zero while it needs to have a real value. the interesting thing is that once I click on my criteria cell the results pops up correctly in my result cell.

I also, change the format of my cells to any other format like general, numbers etc..it didn't work

Can anyone help me with this please?

Also, what I type is like below:

=SUMIF($M$3:$M$14534, K3, N3:N14534)

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You wrote =SUMIF($M$3:$M$14534, K3, N3:N14534)

but please check if it's actually =SUMIF($M$3:$M$14534, K3, $N$3:$N$14534) with dollars everywhere on the second interval.