Sumif not responding

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I am trying to use the sumif formula and it is not responding.Here, i input the formularHere, i input the formularBut i keep getting thisBut i keep getting this

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Do you happen to use semicolon as list separator? If so, try



@Hans Vogelaar still doesn't work. maybe i need to get the latest excel, i use the 2013 software



No, SUMIF should work in all versions of Excel.


If you attach a copy of your workbook (without sensitive information) to a reply, I or another user can add the SUMIF formula and post the workbook with the formula. You could then check whether it works on your computer.

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You may open attached workbook to check how formula looks like in your locale. There is nothing in workbook but


Fixed, Thanks.

@WILSONYOM , you are welcome