SUMIF Multiple Cells Across Multiple Worksheets

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I have a very simple spreadsheet where I am trying to total the number of hours spent on a project for a given week. I am using a SUMIF function to attempt to add hours for a particular job together, if that job appears on the timesheet for any given employee. 


=SUMIF(Tyler:John!$A$5:$A$14,A4,Tyler:John!$J$5:$J$14) - Returns (#Value!) Error


The formula works If I limit it to any one worksheet.

=SUMIF(Tyler!$A$5:$A$14,A4,Tyler!$J$5:$J$14) - Returns sum for all Tylers hours matching criteria


Do you have any suggestions on how to accomplish this?








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SUMIF does not accept 3D references.


If you have 365, you could stack the data with VSTACK then sum.

    stack, VSTACK(Stack3D),
    project, TAKE(stack, , 1),
    hours, TAKE(stack, , -1),
    Total, LAMBDA(ID, SUM(FILTER(hours, project = ID, 0))),
    BYROW(ProjectID, Total)