SUMIF function

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Hi all,


I am unable to use Sumif function to sum up my Revenue due to the criteria is not matched. 

Eg: I have an salesperson his UID is 500008, his UID in year is 500008_SG. 


So when i try to SUM up his revenue using SUMIF function, using 500008, his revenue for year 2020 is omitted. Could please advise how to solve this? 


Besides, I also need to SUM up revenue for Year 2021 only by salesperson, is there any syntax to use? Currently, i am using pivot table to do this. But, I prefer to have only single formula to solve this. Any 

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@merson82 Use this one in stead:



or transform the ID's to Text and use a wildcard in the SUMIF formula.



File attached with both options.

Hi Riny,
Thank you so much. This is really helpful If I would like to sum up only total revenue by Year 2021 by salesperson can I use SUMIFS/ SUMIF function? Any suggestion that I can do this?