Sumif formula need help

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Hi, The below formula is what I am using to individually calculate the data based on the year and months selected from the dropdown. Please advise what should I add to get the overall sum if I select "All" in months and years in cell range C14 (Year All) and E14 (Months All)  

=COUNTIFS('Email Merge Data'!C:C,DashBoard!C17,'Email Merge Data'!M:M,DashBoard!$E$14,'Email Merge Data'!N:N,DashBoard!C14)

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In general criteria to calculate all non-blank is "<>". Thus it could be like


How it'll be in your concrete case it's bit hard to say without knowing which data do you have in columns M and N, where are your C14 and C17, etc.


I've moved this to the Excel space for better visibility.