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I am currently making a spreadsheet in order to better manage monthly expenses. I should mention that I have little to no experience using Excel (only for basic sums).


My issue essentially is that I have a drop down list containing various categories of expense (e.g., monthly bills, food, transport, etc - seen in attached photo), and I would like to have a sum of each given expense category separate from my created expense table (also partially seen in the photos below).


I've tried following tutorials in learning how to use the 'SUMIF' statements, to no avail however. I find that the tutorials usually have 3 or more areas to define using the argument, rather than my two (expense type and cost - if that makes sense?). 


Any help would be much appreciated in figuring out how to have a specific expense breakdown that is featured within the list.


Screenshot (87).pngScreenshot (88).png



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Here are two example files with SUM & SUMIF

...but if I may suggest, add some information about your project.

You'll get a quicker and more accurate answer, and those who want to help don't have to invest time guessing the problem.

I recommend: Always inform about your Excel version, operating system, storage medium/hard drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint, etc.).

If possible, add a file (without sensitive data) and use this file to describe your project step by step, or add photos with the appropriate description.

Don't forget that not every Excel user has a clue about every job and what you see he can't see.


In this link you will find some more information about it:

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 Hope I was able to help you with this information.



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