SumIF (2 criteria & currency conversion)

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Hello experts,


Please see attached example file. 

I need to sum an [Amount] if the [Type] column = *Liquid* but only if the [Paid Date] is null.  But I also need to convert the [Amount] if the currency is either EUR or DKK.  If EUR then multiply by 1.1 and if DKK then divide by 6.7.  


thank you very much.  Let me know if not clear. 

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I'd create a lookup range. In the attached workbook it is in O2:P4 but it can be anywhere, even on another sheet.


(P2 contains the formula =1/6.7)

You can then use the formula



If you don't have Microsoft 365 or Office 2021:



My variant:


    dkk, SUMIFS(amt, curr, "DKK", type, "Liquid", paid, "") / 6.7,
    eur, SUMIFS(amt, curr, "EUR", type, "Liquid", paid, "") * 1.1,
    dkk + eur


amazing. Both work. I dont know which one to mark as best answer. ?


Just pick one - it doesn't matter which one.


Just to reinforce the fact that there is usually a choice of solution approach

= LET(
    factoredAmt, amount * XLOOKUP(Curr, Currency, Factor),
    criterion,   (type="Liquid") * (paid_date=""),
    filteredAmt, FILTER(factoredAmt, criterion),

(For 'best' go with the one you use or, failing that, settle for the first correct solution)

thank you very much. great answers. I chose the first one as the best answer since it was a first answer.